My research goal is to develop statistical methods that make the best use of the data collected to answer scientific questions while applying principled methods to minimize bias and ensure fair assessments.

My methodological research focuses on:

  1. Nonparametric and semiparametric  statistical methods:
    • Currently, I am working on the Worst-rank score, the Win Ratio and the Win Difference (based on prioritized outcomes) as alternatives to the traditional composite endpoints of time-to-first event.
    • I have also co-published papers on imputation methods for censored covariates.
  2. Causal inference methods for comparative effectiveness studies, clinical trials affected by non-compliance, not-so-perfect experiments, and observational studies.
    • I am interested in propensity score methods (weighting, matching, stratification, regression) and other related methods such as matching weights, entropy weights, overlap weights and double robustness.

The areas of application of my research include public health, biomedical, and social sciences.

See my publications or my Google Scholar page for more details.