Quantum Computing

ECE 523, PHYSICS 627

Day/Time: TTH, 4:40PM-5:55PM

Location: LSRC A156

Instructor: Iman Marvian

Email: iman.marvian@duke.edu

Office hour: Thursday 2-3:20 pm

Office: Room 186, Physics Building

Teaching Assistant: Joey Li


1) Quantum Computation and Quantum Information,  Michael Nielsen, and Isaac Chuang

2) An Introduction to Quantum Computing,  Phillip Kaye, Raymond Laflamme, and Michele Mosca


Both textbooks are available online at Duke library website.


  1. History and Overview
  2. Review of Linear Algebra and Dirac Notation (Spectral theorem, Singular value decomposition, Tensor products,…)
  3. Elements of Quantum Mechanics (State, Measurement, Unitary time evolution, Density operators, reduced states and partial trace, Bloch sphere, The no-cloning theorem,..)
  4. Entanglement, Schmidt decomposition, Teleportation and Superdense coding
  5.  Quantum circuits and universal gate sets
  6. Quantum algorithms (Quantum Fourier transform, Phase estimation, Shor’s factoring algorithm, Algorithm for solving linear systems of equations, Grover’s search algorithm)
  7. Beyond circuit model: Measurement-based quantum computation and Adiabatic Quantum Computation


Course Materials are posted on Sakai.