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Michael Goodin


Nominated by Bose Kamineni |
February 28, 2022
As part of a moving to a new process for generating data reports of clinical studies, Michael Goodin spent additional time with the tool and found an ability to generate a data report that avoided the need for additional systems and steps to consolidate data. He went the extra mile to verify the data and compared the two approaches. His solution not only eliminated additional steps to merge columns and validate data, it also helps with documentation during an audit because we do not need to modify the data report from the original data source. He is easy to work with and a valuable team member and always tries to find solutions that has better outcomes.

July 6, 2021
Michael is a valuable employee at the Duke Cancer Institute. Prior to working in information systems he has clinical experience and that knowledge is of great help in building studies and various applications that support clinical teams. He is interested to learn new technologies and is adaptable and open to new approaches and also willing to try new methods to solve a problem. He is a detail-oriented person and methodical. His input in team discussions is beneficial to the team and he also strives for the success of any project he has been part of. Very recently his support in completing the migration of clinical studies to a new management system under deadlines is highly appreciated. We would not have been able to complete that project without his help.

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