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Kathryn Williford

You’re the Best!

Nominated by Sarah Campbell |
Kathryn has been my biggest supporter during my first year at Duke Primary Care as a new Nurse Manager. I call her my lifesaver because she has truly saved me at times. She has rearranged staffing to ensure our practice is supported. She’s continuously available for questions any time of day as I continue to learn my role. She’s listened when I’ve needed to vent and she’s been real with me when I needed advice and guidance. Even just the other day, I texted saying I was tied up with patient care and couldn’t attend a meeting. Afterwards, she sent me meeting minutes to ensure I had the information. Who does that?! Kathryn does! I can’t thank her enough for all she’s done for me this first year. I owe all my success to her. She is my role model, life saver, and I’m forever grateful for her!

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