DeAnne Harrison


Nominated by Tracey Torain |
As my supervisor, Deanne is so much more than someone that I support and work alongside. She truly cares about those that she works with, often remembering tiny details of things mentioned in conversation about our personal lives and work. When time permitted, she would ask about those details to see how things turned out. We had many engaging conversations regarding health, safety, workload and life in general. It is helpful to me to know that I am recognized as a human and not a working robot. During the pandemic, she was excellent at gauging stress levels and checking in to see how things were going regarding work projects. While we worked apart for well over a year, I never felt like I missed a beat in our ‘togetherness’. There were also times that we supported one another through personal challenges that I will be forever in her debt. I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with and for DeAnne! She is a true GEM!

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