Our laboratory is focused on searching for cures for brain tumors, with a special focus on oligodendroglioma. We have a few main branches to our research:

Biomarker Identification

We are working to identify histologic and molecular features that correlate with progression and survival in oligodendroglioma. By using one of the longest-standing Biorepositories for brain tumors, we hope to harness the extensive clinical followup to identify key features that predict aggressive. Such studies can help ensure patients receive the right treatment at the right time.

Identifying New Therapeutic Targets

We are using insights about the histologic features present in oligodendroglioma to ask questions regarding the underlying biology. We are now using Big Data approaches to understand the tumor microenvironment in oligodendroglioma and the key signaling that drives these tumors.

Testing New Therapeutic Targets in Novel Model Systems

Having identified promising targets, we are now using newly available oligodendroglioma model systems to test our hypotheses and identify the most promising targets to move to clinical trials.