Screen-shot-2013-12-05-at-10.09.38-PMKim Arena

Year: 2016

Major/Field of Study: Biology Major, Psychology Minor

Academic/Research Interests:
Kim Arena is a biology major at Duke University and has always been interested in science, particularly molecular and genetic biology and marine biology. She is currently working in a zebrafish lab conducting genetic research at Duke University.


Accessing-the-Mind-PresentationCraig Bearison

Year: 2014

Major/Field of Study: Neuroscience Major

Academic/Research Interests: Craig Bearison worked in a Neurobiology Research Lab for over a year studying the effects of alcohol on behavioral inhibition. He plans to attend medical school in the fall.


Slide1Sai Cheemalapati

Year: 2016

Major/Field of Study: Computer Science Major

Academic/Research Interests: Sai Cheemalapati is currently interested in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and their implications on mobile platforms.


maxresdefaultMatt Hebert

Year: 2015

Major/Field of Study: Computer Science Major, Mathematics Minor

Academic Research Interests: Matt Hebert is a Duke University Writing Center tutor, and is currently doing a bit of research on visualizing synesthesia. His paper is researching the illusion of choice in video games, and how this defines games as a medium.


1MQIGb7iDtQXpXkA7m9_o9x6kCQ8nfT_H_vNqrPE7 David Hemminger

Year: 2015

Major/Field of Study: Mathematics Major

Academic Research Interests: David Hemminger is considering pursuing a Ph.D. in mathematics after graduating.  His research interests include low-dimensional topology and knot theory, but he also enjoys studying digital humanities on the side.


4Symbi-WEBSITE-1024x416Sheel Patel

Year: 2016

Major/Field of Study: Neuroscience Major

Academic/Research Interests: Sheel Patel is interested in neurobiology and currently is a research assistant at the Jarvis Lab for Neurobiology and Vocal Learning. He plans on attending medical school in the future and continuing his research.


BatmanMithun Shetty

Year: 2016

Major/Field of Study: Evolutionary Anthropology Major, Philosophy Minor

Academic/Research Interests: Mithun Shetty is currently pursuing a career in medicine, so he is taking courses on the pre-med track at Duke University. He is very interested in anatomy and physiology, and would like to participate in research involving animal biology. In addition, he aims to focus philosophical studies in ethics, logic, and epistemology. He is also interested in music, and enjoys learning about the progression of genre development over the decades.


Picture1Shane Stone

Year: 2014

Major/Field of Study: Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology

Academic/Research Interests: Shane Stone is a premed student so that tells you a lot about him in itself, but outside of medicine he is very interested in marine biology. He studies whale sharks at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center and will be writing about marine megafuna for The Story of Size in the spring. So if you enjoyed his writing, check out his other work next semester and click here for a sample.


134Zhan Wu

Year: 2016

Major/Field of Study: Biomedical Engineering Major

Academic/Research Interests: Zhan Wu mainly focuses on biotechnology and bio-prosthesis design and implementation in the lab. His additional research interests lie in DNA biopharmaceuticals, particularly in DNA drug viral/nonviral intracellular nano-transfer systems.


dynamic-word-cloud-one-slideXin Zhang

Year: 2015

Major/Field of Study: Physics Major

Academic/Research Interests: Xin Zhang attends Duke University and is interested in the field of quantum physics.




Major/Field of Study:

Academic/Research Interests:


Amanda Starling Gould, Professor

Year: PhD Candidate & Graduate Instructor, Duke Universityqrcode.18636498

Major/Field of Study: Transmedia Literature, Digital Cultural Theory, & Digital Humanities Scholarship

Academic/Research Interests:  Amanda Starling Gould is a media-lit scholar at Duke University investigating technohuman(ist) cultures, network ecologies and their digital metabolisms, augmented realities, info architectures, and digital humanities scholarship. She blogs at Textured_Literature, posts research and teaching notes at and, and tweets @stargould. For more information, see her publications, research notes, and syllabi + course websites.


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