Lit 80, Fall 2013

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The Rise of Technology and Fall of Humanity


According to Moore’s law the computing power of technology doubles every two years. Considering this, we are quickly approaching the time when the computational ability will be equivalent to human intelligence. With this time approaching, some questions arise. Will this increased ability increase human dependence on technology? If so, will there be a point when our dependence is our downfall? According to works of science fiction, the answer is yes. If this is the case, then we must determine at what point this is predicted to occur. To determine this I looked at science fiction novels and movies and see how the societies of fictional worlds became too dependent and what steps led up humanity’s downfall. Then I considered today’s technology, and how compared it to what is described in science fiction. Finally, I researched what today’s experts on singularity and related schools of thought feel about improvements in technology and how they’ll effect humanity. Taking all of this information, I determine an estimate for when our dependence on technology will betray us. To complement the written work, I have created physical timelines to help visualize what has occurred in science fiction novels. Additionally, I designed a program that provides the reader with a hypothetical situation and then asks the reader to determine what will happen as a result.

Final Project Abstract: See more than texts

See more than texts

With the development of computational ability, more and more literature pieces are “born-digital” or have been digitized. To have a multidimensional  view of the literature, we have to develop tools to see something behind texts. In this project, I will cover the tools and projects about how to see more than texts when reading literature. Interesting topics like text visualization, data-mining will be covered. Tools and projects like Ngram Viewer, Wordle and Textarc will be introduced. And some experiments with those tools and projects will be presented. Finally, there will be some analysis about how these tools and projects change the way of literature research, how they change our attitudes toward literature and how they make us think about digital humanity. I hope that with this final project I can have a new view towards the literature in digital age.

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