Science Shouldn’t Be Child’s Play

Science Shouldn’t Be Child’s Play

The first time I had ever heard of the National Science foundation (NSF) was a week ago. When we dug deep into the underpinnings of the organization yesterday, it became apparent that there was a lack of trust amongst the members of the government. Members of the NSF are not allowed to promote a political agenda and whenever a study is conducted, both sides must be shown in the presentation of the results. This process leads to much inefficiency as the organization is not allowed to promote an agenda. Thus, both parties are allowed to make their claims, but the clear, correct, conclusion is never agreed upon.


The current state of the NSF is pictured below:


In the current two-party system, the democrats and republicans are constantly competing for control of the environment. In this scenario, the “correct science” belongs to the democrats. This is represented by the water bottle held by the baby on the right. Climate change is real, and the democrats should be winning American’s over on this issue. However, the republicans are refusing to let the democrats have climate change, and as the baby on the left, they are trying to take control of the issue. Now, we all know how this fight ends. A mother sitting on a bench in the park will see the crying babies and take the bottle away from both of them. The United States is missing this person. In order for policy to change, we need to take the science out of the hands of the parties. Since there is no established, trusted organization that acts as a pioneer for climate research, the babies in congress will keep on fighting until they are drowned by rising sea levels.

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