San Francisco, June 5.

My stay at Ecotopia has been really eye-opening so far. All my previous misconceptions about the economy, human relationships and generally about cultural customs have been challenged. One aspect of Ecotopian life that I can’t still wrap my head around is their education system.  I can’t decide whether I like it or not. Their technology free approach to education sounds too idyllic: what if in some cases technology does help us advance research and knowledge?

I think especially about the ways in which technology has helped people with disabilities pursue an education. Being in a wheelchair or having some sort of motor skill limitation impairs Ecotopian’s traditional way of learning.  People with disabilities will not be as fit to execute the physical and outdoorsy training the Ecotopia system has in place. Similarly, people who rely on computers or voice recording gadgets because they are not able to handwrite will be automatically disadvantaged.

That being said, I do see the dangers of spiraling down in an ever more technology based education. But maybe the way forward would not be by eliminating completely technology – because it does help in some instances – but by strictly utilizing only when there is a need, preventing in this way a complete dependence on it.

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