Ecotopia is not everything that people think it is. i am not taking anything away from some of the great things that they have done but there are still problems here. There will probably always be problems here and in the world. This is because there is nature here.

One part of Ecotopia that was very interesting and, almost disturbing, is the separation of blacks here. Racism has always been an issue in the United States however, ignoring the issue is not a fix. If the two groups were to associate themselves again the underlying racism is still there.

Although there are still problems in this society,  the advancements that they have made are amazing. The way they build houses is amazing. Using interchangeable plastic parts for a house is very innovative. In America if something happens to a house there is no perfect replacement for that part. A construction worker would have to go get an abundance of materials and mold them to fit the specificity of the house. With this approach there is a lot of left over material that is not used and goes in the garbage. However when the house is constructed of a perfectly fitted plastic mold materials are not wasted. This is just one of the many advancements that I think we should adopt from Ecotopia.

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