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“The Green Crusader”

April 20th, 2017 | Posted by Jessica Marlow in Uncategorized
  1. Power/ability: Influence people’s mindsets and behavior in an eco-friendly direction!
  2. Name: The Green Crusader
  3. Motto: “For the good of us all.”
  4. Outfit: Dark green suit, sunglasses
  5. Appearance: Looks like a normal person when not in superhero garb, small scale permaculture farmer in Vermont like Ben Falk

  1. Transportation: Natural flight (most eco-friendly) –> think superman
  2. Weakness: His “kryptonite” is pollution
  3. Side kicks: The planet
    1. Earth world planet globe smiling happy cartoon vector Vector clipart ...
  4. Villain: Consumerism, commercialization, wasteful human behaviors
  5. Species/Backstory: Appears to be human, but comes from a planet that was transformed into an arid wasteland as a result of overconsumption and unsustainable practices. He now travels the universe finding planets in danger of facing the same fate and does his best to deter their impeding destruction.





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