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Refining a Topicnoun_98708

Includes activities for helping students: choose a topic, brainstorm a topic, narrow/broaden their topics & keywords, and make connections with themes and disciplines relevant to their topics.

  • Choosing a Topic Flowchart
  • Making Connections: Texts to Themes
  • Mapping a Topic
  • Identifying Stakeholders

Going Beyond Googlenoun_248020

Includes activities for helping students: create a strategy to explore disciplinary databases and explore the scope of different scholarly and web search engines.

  • Developing an Interdisciplinary Search Strategy
  • Speed-dating Search Engines

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Sources

Includes activities for helping students critically evaluate: quality of a source, appropriateness/fit of a source for a given assignment, and the different kinds of sources that they might use in academic research.

  • Classifying Sources: the BAAM Method
  • Defining a Scholarly Source
  • Evaluating Sources: the Matrix
  • Presearch Evaluation

Scholarly Communications

Includes activities for helping students think critically about the economics of information and the scholarly publishing ecosystem.

  • Information Privilege
  • Understanding Paywalls and Information Costs
  • Subscription and Open Access
  • Peer Review
  • Scale of Scholarly Publishing
  • Journal Prestige
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