Prof. Arti Rai on “Intellectual Property and National Security”

I am extremely pleased to introduce the video of my colleague, Prof. Arti Rai speaking on “Intellectual Property and National Security” at Duke’s 28th Annual National Security Law Conference.  Prof. Rai, who is the Elvin R. Latty Professor of Law and Faculty Director, The Center for Innovation Policy at Duke Law, is an internationally recognized expert in intellectual property (IP) law, as well as innovation policy, administrative law, and health law.

Arti does not just have a highly-distinguished career as an academic, she also has real-word experience in government, including service as the head of the  Office of Policy and International Affairs at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Additionally, she has been an advisor to numerous governmental and private organizations.  For example, from March to December 2021, she served as Senior Advisor on innovation law and policy issues to the Department of Commerce’s Office of General Counsel. 

What you’ll hear/see on this podcast is a fascinating discussion of, as she puts it, “intellectual property and national security through the lens…of protection and commercialization.”   She’ll talk about how there is a “parallelism” as “intellectual property is about protection [and] national security is about protection.”  

She’ll explain some of the challenges that exist in trying to take advantage of the kind of openness that facilitates innovation, yet at the same time prevent hostile actors from taking improper and unlawful advantage of that openness to obtain information that could harm U.S. national security and economic interests.  Along this line she also discusses the challenges involved with federally-funded research with national security aspects, especially on university campuses. 

This is a very rare opportunity to hear from a true expert about a subject we all need to be concerned about.  Again, the video is found here so take the opportunity to hear from Prof Rai!!!!

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