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If you’re reading this, I imagine you care about national security, the laws supporting it, and the future of our country.  What can you do to help?  Here’s a truly meaningful action you can take: the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security (LENS) invites you to make an impact in those areas by supporting our effort to advance for all – but especially students – a greater understanding of the law and ethics in an increasingly complex global security environment.

Your contribution of $125, $250 or $1250 (or any amount) today can help students grow in professionalism, broaden their knowledge and increase their exposure to national security leaders by giving now to help celebrate LEN’s silver 25th Anniversary conference!

Increase Student Exposure to National Security Experts 

The Center’s 25th Annual National Security Law Conference will take place on 28-29 February. This conference is typically the second largest national security law conference in the country, and the 25th will feature top-notch experts in the field of national security as they speak on a variety of issues such as cyberwar, drones, humanitarian operations, grey zone war, the weaponization of social media, developments with China, whistleblowers and national security, security assistance, terrorism and technological innovation, DoD senior leader perspectives on ethics and professional conduct, and much, much more (including CLE credit for practitioners)!  The conference is open to the public.  Of course, we subsidize the attendance of students, but also active duty members of the armed forces.

Any amount can help, but a gift of $10,000 would help cover conference costs of all members of the armed forces who attend.  You can give now here

In addition, for the third year, with the help of you and other donors, we can bring LENS Scholars (selected law students) from a variety of law schools around the country to join conference attendees at this renowned event.  Your contribution will help a qualified student interested in national security law issues attend this professional conference and learn from the experts, and – importantly – get to meet like-minded students.  You’re not only investing in law students around the country; you’re investing in their foundation in ethics, law and national security. That’s an investment in the laws that keep our nation strong.

The students really appreciate the opportunity the LENS Scholars Program provides. Here’s just a few of the comments we received:

“It was an amazing experience that opened my eyes to areas of the law I didn’t even realize existed. I was reminded of how important this profession is and how incredible the people are that are in it. Jaz Sarriera

“You put on a fabulous conference where I felt each panelist could have been a keynote elsewhere and every one of them provided tremendous food for thought. I’ve come back to Penn with pages of notes (not least on Prof. Farahany’s excellent and deeply concerning presentation on developments in neuroscience, which encapsulates how well you’ve pulled off a truly interdisciplinary conference) and a lengthy reading list to dig deeper into some of these topics. This has been an incredible opportunity to learn as well as to network, and I can’t thank you enough for it.”  Katharina Schwarz

“I enjoyed each of the speakers very much and I was absolutely floored by the emerging tech and cyber discussions”  Zach Smith

It was truly the best and most educational conference that I have ever attended. Hunter Winstead

LENS Scholars 2019

Any amount can help, but a gift of $1,250 can sponsor two students, and $625 for one. You can give now here

Help Students Grow in Professionalism

Duke students at the ABA conference lunching with speaker Ms. Kate Oler

Each year, LENS takes a group of students to the American Bar Association’s national security event where they get to hear high-level issues discussed and meet professionals from law firms, government agencies, and the military.

Moreover, it is a terrific opportunity for students to network with practitioners from government, law firms, the military, and the private sector. Your support helps the law students of today become the national security leaders of tomorrow.

Duke Students and mentors at 2019 ABA Conference

Any amount can help, but a gift of $1,250 can sponsor two students, and $625 for one. You can give now here


Broaden Student’s Knowledge

In addition to the annual LENS National Security Law Conference, the Center inaugurated the LENS Speaker Series (co-sponsored this fall with the student-run National Security Law Society) invites experts throughout the year to broaden the perspective of law students.

Presentations are free and open to the public to help expand the community’s knowledge of national security matters. This semester, experts from the CDC and the FBI spoke, along with a respected scholar who addressed leaks.

You can support this Speaker Series with your gift to the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security today!   Although our speakers generously donate their time, there are various logistical and other expenses involved. 

Any amount can help, but a gift of $5,000 would fund the program for an entire year.  You can give now here

How to donate:  Please remember any amount helps!!!!  You can donate online or you can donate via the mail.  Simply send your check to the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security, Duke University School of Law, Box 90358, 210 Science Drive, Durham, North Carolina 27708-0358.  Checks should be written to Duke Law School withDonation to LENS” on the memo line.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!






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