The Military and the Media

The military tries hard to stay above political frays and maintain its reputation for genuine non-partisanship.  That effort – which was never easy – is even more difficult today given that the Administration and much of the media are virtually at war with each other.  Shouldn’t we ask ourselves if that conflict might have an impact on the armed forces?

Moreover, can we continue to trust the media to be accurate and objective about military matters?  If a story about the military might also reflect favorably on the Administration, will it still be covered in an unbiased manner?  Are there business imperatives today that could shape a newspaper’s coverage?  Do reporters have political biases that might influence the tone of stories about the armed forces?  How transparent are news organizations about the potential biases of their journalists?

I explore aspects of these and related questions in a new essay “Will the Military Be Collateral Damage in the New York Times-Trump Conflict?”  I invite you to check it out here.

As we like to say on Lawfire®, check the facts, assess the arguments, and decide for yourself!

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