Welcome to the Voices from the Latino Community in North Carolina website. This project is designed to provide a digital oral history archive that documents the Spanish-speaking immigrant experience in North Carolina in 2004-2005. The authentic oral histories are beneficial sources of information on cultural and historical perspectives and for the study of linguistic functions. The candidates were selected to show a diverse range of ages, native countries, professions, and social class.

North Carolina has seen a 400% increase in its Latino population from 1990-2000 (http://elpueblo.org). In 2004 North Carolina was identified as the 12th largest Hispanic market in the United States (http://quepasamedia.com). As with all new waves of immigrant populations in the United States , Latinos are confronted with issues of assimilation, cultural expression, identity, discrimination, stereotypes, and separation with loved ones in their native country. Through this website you may access complete interviews with Spanish-speaking immigrants living in North Carolina and also work with activities based on clips from interviews that will practice your knowledge of the Spanish language or that will study the themes associated with immigration.