Duke University

Challenges of Living an Ethical Life (Ethics Certificate gateway) (2018, 2023-24)
Freedom and Moral Obligation (Focus course) (2018-23)
Teaching on Purpose (graduate seminar, co-taught with Katherine Jo) (2022-24)
What We Owe to Each Other (2018-22)
Reason and Argument (2013-2017)
Rationalization and Confabulation (2017)
Altruism and the Ethics of Giving (house course) (2016)
Addiction, Self-Medication, and Cognitive Enhancement (2016)
Neuroethics (co-taught with Scott Huettel) (2016)
Drugs and Addiction (Ethics Certificate capstone; co-taught with Walter Sinnott-Armstrong) (2015)
How to Make Mistakes (2013, 2015)
Reasoning and Irrationality (2014)
Varieties of Compulsion (2013)
Addiction and Responsibility (2012)

Rice University

Moral Psychology (2012)
Metaethics (2012)
Social and Political Philosophy (2011)
Graduate Seminar: Reasons and Morality (2011)

University of California, Los Angeles

Philosophy of Addiction (2011)
Medical Ethics (2010)

University College London

Introduction to Philosophy (2003)