The International Crisis Behavior (ICB) Version 14 datasets are now available. The ICB data now cover 1918 to 2017. This consists of 487 crises and 1,078 crisis actors.

The new data also incorporate a number of changes to previous crises, based on a systematic cleaning process aimed to improve the consistency of coding across cases. These changes are detailed in the release notes that can be downloaded from the data collections page. The previous versions of the data remain available for replication purposes.

This Web site offers access to the primary data collections from the ICB project. The data are scheduled for annual updates, which will be available at this site.

The ICB Data Viewer is still in the process of being updated. It remains useful to explore the content of the crises in the previous version of the dataset (Version 10). All crisis summaries can be found on the data collections page, linked above.

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