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  • ISIS 170/COMPSCI 107/VMS 172: Artificial Life, Culture, and Evolution
    Nick Gessler
    TuTh 10:05 am – 1:00 pm in Perkins LINK Classroom TBA (includes lab time)
    STS, QS, SS
  • ISIS 240/AMI 325/VMS 288: Web-Based Multimedia Communications (hands-on lab)
    TuTh (Richard Lucic) 1:25 pm – 2:40 pm, W (Florian Wiencek) 1:40 pm – 4:10 pm
    in Social Sciences 229
    R, ALP, QS
  • ISIS 380: Digital Cities: Representing the Past and Building the Future Florian Wiencek
    Tu 1:40 pm – 4:10 pm in Smith Warehouse, Bay 12, Room 101
    R, STS, CZ
  • ISIS 495S: Research Capstone
    Victoria Szabo
    Tu 8:45 am – 11:20 am in Social Sciences 229
    R, SS

Detailed Descriptions:

Independent Study Options:

  • ISIS 491: Independent Study
  • ISIS 493: ISIS Research Independent Study

contact Victoria Szabo for details on work with Digital Durham, Trading Races, and other opportunities


  • ISIS 650S/LIT 621S/ ARTHIST 537S/VMS 561S: Critical Studies in New Media
    Timothy Lenoir
    Th 3:05 pm – 5:35 pm in TBA
    R, STS, ALP, SS
  • ISIS 791: Individual Research in ISIS (Graduate) – work with GreaterThanGames Lab, Wired! Lab or other projects – contact individual instructors for opportunities

Detailed Descriptions:

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The GreaterThanGames Lab is sponsoring or co-sponsoring the following courses and other opportunities this Fall:


Independent Study Options (individual and group):
We will also offer opportunities for students to pursue independent study opportunities in connection with the following:

  • Two-four students to work on Digital Durham and Visualizing Venice augmented reality and mobile app digital city projects. The emphasis here will be on design and implementation, and could involve individual or group work. Half-or full-credit. Contact Victoria Szabo for more information.
  • Two-four students for a group independent study testing, analyzing and evaluating the Alternate Reality game Speculation. Contact Kate Hayles for more information.

Working Group:

  • Trading Races Game Development working group. Contact Adeline Koh for more information.

Workshops and Events:

  • Augmented Reality Authoring – October 26, 2012, 2-4pm, Smith Bay 11, Room A232


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ISIS 170: Artificial Life, Culture and Evolution. TTH 10:05-11:20 + TTH 11:45-1PM. Link Classroom 6. Nick Gessler.

ISIS 270S: Immersive Virtual Worlds. THU 6:30-8:45PM. Smith Warehouse 228. Mark McCahill.

ISIS 490S.02: Computational Cinematography TTH 1:25-2:40PM Smith Warehouse, C104. Michael Young.

ISIS 510S: How They Got Game. W 1:40-4:10PM. Smith Warehouse, C104. Tim Lenoir.

ISIS 555S: Physical Computing: The Internet of Things. W 10:05-1:55AM + W 12:00 – 12:50 PM. Link Classroom 6. Nick Gessler.

CompSci 290, Mobile Apps: Concept to Client. W 4:40-7:30PM. North 311.

Individual/Group Independent Study Opportunities:

ISIS 291.01: Digital Durham – work on developing augmented reality experiences in the Duke/Durham environment in collaboration with various campus and community entities. Also available as a .5 credit option.

ISIS 291.02: Mobile App Design – work on mobile app design for the Lab in coordination with the Computer Science class focused on the issue this Fall. Special interest in graphics and user interface design desired.

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Interested in an independent study for Spring 2012? Join us in creating “Speculation,” an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) meant to enhance financial literacy and reveal the consequences, through near-future fictional scenarios, of possible outcomes if a cultural change does not occur that values community over shareholder value, the environment over greed, and human lives over profits. The transmedia game “Speculation” enrolls the resources of a wide variety of real-world and virtual platforms to engage players in activities that, on the micro-scale of individual puzzles and problems, embody the dynamics that fueled the economic crash of 2008, and on the macro-level of the game as a whole, encourage insights into the game beyond the game—that is, the real-life dangers posed by corporate greed today and possible ways to contain and control it. We welcome undergrads interested in this topic to contribute to the game modules, which can be based in the real world, in virtual cyberspace, or in the mixed reality of the Layar browser.

If you like puzzles and games and are interested in finance capital, this is for you! Contact Katherine Hayles at katherine.hayles [at] for more information and details on how to sign up for an independent study for Spring 2012.

Download flyer here.

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Wednesday evenings, 7:15-9:15PM, January 18 – April 25, 2012
GreaterThanGames Lab, Smith Wareshouse, Bay 4, Room C104
All are welcome, subject to space (see below) 

The GreaterThanGames lab is hosting a mobile app design and development workshop series  for Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch platforms. Sessions will be led by Chris Davis, an experienced mobile application developer. Victoria Szabo of the GTG lab will be hosting the group as a co-participant, and working with undergraduate and graduate students interested in taking the series for credit.

The aim of the workshop series is to teach absolute beginners–those who have never programmed–how to put together a simple app (experienced programmers also welcome!). By the end of the workshop, participants will

-Be able to develop, deploy, and test a basic prototype app,
-Gain a solid understanding of the app design and development lifecycle,
-Understand app design capabilities and constraints,
-Have developed a rich social mobile app that leverages the extensive capabilities of Apple’s iOS platform.

Sessions will be held weekly, with each session lasting two hours in length from 7:15-9:15pm on Wednesdays, beginning January 18. Sessions will take place in the GreaterThanGames Lab in Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, Room C104,  unless otherwise noted. Because learning in the workshop is cumulative, you will be expected to attend all sessions or review session video each week prior to the next week’s session.

Participants must have access to an Apple computer running the Snow Leopard (10.6) or Lion (10.7) versions of Mac OS X. Participants should own or have access to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. We will have a few computers and devices in class but you’ll want to bring yours each week. Recommended Text: Beginning iOS 5 Development by Mark, Nutting, LaMarche. (We will have a few copies around, but you might want to have your own, especially if you are taking the series for credit.)

Max number of participants is 15, with priority going to students taking the series for credit. Undergraduate students interested taking the series for credit should sign up for ISIS 195T with Szabo. Graduate students interested in taking the series for credit should sign up for ISIS 295T with Szabo. (You will need a permission number to sign up.)

Questions? Please contact Victoria Szabo at Know you are interested in signing up? Please fill out the Mobile App Design Tutorial Series Interest Form and we’ll be in contact soon!


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Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Time: 7pm-9pm
Location: Biddle Rare Book Room
Contact Information: Will Hansen, 919-660-5958 or

Is studying for finals stressing you out? Or do you need a break from hectic holiday shopping? Please join the staff of the Rubenstein Library to for a night of fun and games to celebrate the opening for research of the Edwin and Terry Murray Collection of Role-Playing Games. The collection, one of the first to be available at a research institution, contains thousands of boxed sets, game books, accessories, card games, and manuscript records from the 1970s to the present, documenting the history of a medium that has grown into a worldwide cultural phenomenon. Rare and unique materials from the collection will be on display.

Come play a classic board or card game with friends old and new, enjoy refreshments, and learn more about the history of games. We hope to see you there!

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Artificial Life, Culture, and Evolution
Nick Gessler
TTH 10:05-12:55 in Link Classroom 6

Alternate Reality Games
Tim Lenoir
W 1:30-4 in Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, C104 (GTG Lab)

Comparative Media Studies: Transmedia Narratives
LIT 215S/ISIS215S:
Kate Hayles
M 2:50-5:20 in Friedl 120

Digital Durham 3.0 Group Independent Study
ISIS 199.01 or VMS 198B.40 (undergrad) or VMS 298B-40 (grad)
Victoria Szabo
Meeting times TBA
by permission

iApp Development Workshop/Tutorial
ISIS 195T (undergrad) or 295T (grad)
Victoria Szabo/Chris Davis
W 7:15-9:30 in Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, Room C104 (GTG Lab)
by permission; non-enrolled participation pending space available


Project-based Connections:

ISIS Research Capstone (ISIS Capstone students only; some projects)
ISIS 200
Victoria Szabo
M 615-9p in Smith 228

Computational Media (MFA Students only; some projects)
Victoria Szabo
TH 130-4 in Smith Warehouse, Room 228

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Sign up for GreaterThanGames related classes this Fall! Registration begins April 6, 2011. See the Course List for more information.

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Courses and other academic opportunities offered in association with our Lab include:

Digital Storytelling (Hayles)
ISIS 151S.01/LIT 170.01/VMS 151S.01/ENGLISH 173S.05
MW 11:40a-12:55p

Mobile Application Development (Lucic and Duvall)
COMPSCI 196.01
WF 4:25-5:40p

How They Got Game: From Pong to Alternate Reality (Lenoir)
ISIS 210S.01/VS 210S.01
W 2:50-5:20PM
GreaterThanGames Lab

Digital Places and Spaces: Exploring the Metaverse (Szabo)
ISIS 260S.01/VMS 262S.01
TU 1:30-3:55PM
GreaterThanGames Lab

Virtual Form and Space (Salvatella de Prada)
ARTSVIS 108/VMS 192L.001/AMI 137.001:
TU 11:40a-2:10p
Smith 228

Constructing Immersive Virtual Worlds (Lombardi and McCahill)
ISIS 170S/COMSCI 122S.01/VMSS 120CS:
TTH 6:15-9:15p

Individual and Group Independent Study Options (numbers TBA):

  • ARG Research Group – ARG game testing and reviews
  • 3D Modeling for Virtual Worlds and Games
  • Critical Game Studies Reading Group
  • Digital Historical Reconstruction projects in collaboration with the WIRED Lab

Related Ongoing Project Participation:

  • Digital Durham 2.0
  • Virtual Tent City Project (with Haiti Lab and BorderWorks Lab)
  • Virtual Duke
  • CHAT Festival 2012: Collaborations – Humanities, Arts and Technology>Hybridity (Feb 6-9, 2012)

Job Opportunities:

  • Grad Student Lab Coordinator (RA)
  • Grad Mentors for Independent Study Groups (TA/RA)
  • Undergrad Media and Technology Consultants (Work-Study)

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