Our Projects

The Garman lab is a basic/translational lab that offers a dynamic, creative, collaborative research environment. We study injury, repair and carcinogenesis in the GI tract with a primary focus is on esophageal injury and repair. To support this work, we have an R01 studying the role of the hormone gastrin in esophageal wound healing. We have new funding through a mini SPORE focused on disparities related to gastric cancer focusing on H pylori infection, immune response and the formation of metaplasia and cancer. We are a lab that honors and celebrates diversity. Our research has a firm grounding in human health and disease and relies on the use of well-annotated human samples across a spectrum of disease. Our animal models are porcine models in collaboration with investigators at North Carolina State University. In the lab, we use organoid models from porcine and human tissues to study mechanisms of repair and metaplasia.

Our main projects are listed here:

1. Characterize Esophageal Submucosal Glands (ESMGs) in health, inflammation and cancer with an emphasis on acinar ductal metaplasia

2. Develop new models for study of esophageal submucosal glands and response to esophageal injury (3D ESMG culture and porcine model)

3. Determine the mechanism of gastrin signaling in esophageal repair and carcinogenesis: We are grateful to have NIH funding to study the role of gastrin in acinar ductal metaplasia.

4. Advance understanding of upper GI tract microbiota in heath and disease

5. Investigate health disparities related to H pylori infection, gastric intestinal metaplasia and gastric cancer: We are delighted to partner with Meira Epplein, PhD, at Duke for this work. We are creating a retrospective cohort as well as a prospective cohort, allowing us to study the relationship between race, stress, H pylori virulence and inflammation across the disease spectrum.

The Garman Lab is always looking for new team members to help advance our research mission. Please let us know if you are interested in working with us.

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