1. What is the DMCC?

The DMCC’s mission is to promote careers in consulting among Duke MBA students and to best prepare our members for professional success. We offer an ecosystem of resources to help you navigate the consulting recruiting process from networking to application submissions, to case and behavioral interviews through a mix of classroom sessions, events, and mentorship resources. We work closely with CMC to help you guide throughout the recruiting process.


2. What is Management Consulting?

Management consulting is the practice of providing consulting services to organizations to improve their performance or in any way to assist in achieving organizational objectives. The work spans different locations, industries, and functions. Consulting roles exist in independent consulting firms and internally at large organizations.


3. How do I know whether I want to do consulting recruiting?

Use the summer to do a bit of soul-searching to understand whether consulting is for you. Desktop research would be a humble start. As SYs arrive on campus in September, you’ll have the opportunity to hear about their internship experiences. You’ll also have opportunities to hear from various Fuqua alumni in the Consulting world. Leverage Summer and Fall Term CMC courses to understand whether Consulting is of interest to you.


4. What are some of the Consulting Firms that recruit at Fuqua?

While over 20 consulting firms recruit at Fuqua, high level details can be found in the 2022 Fuqua Employment report here.


5. What support can I expect from the DMCC throughout my recruiting process?

You can expect the following resources from the DMCC during each phase of the recruiting process:

  1. Information gathering: The DMCC will coordinate information sessions and networking events with SY students and Alumni. This kicks off at Consulting Symposium, a one-day conference event in early September.
  2. Networking & Mentorship: The DMCC will pair you with a SY student via “Consulting Families” to support you through the networking process. We will also host informational sessions and practical networking training sessions as a complement to programming provided by the CMC. Students are also able to attend “Week-in-Cities” to visit Consulting firms in specific U.S. cities of interest.
  3. Case Interview and Behavioral Interview Prep: “Consulting Roadmap” is the DMCC’s signature 6-week training program designed to prepare students for Consulting interviews.

    Students will practice interviews with their Consulting Family, SYs, fellow FYs, and in a Mock-Interview-Week rehearsal.

  4. SY Recruiting: If you choose to recruit for full-time Consulting positions in your second year, the DMCC will provide truncated programming to support a shortened SY recruiting timeline.


6. What am I supposed to do now to prepare for consulting recruiting?

We suggest you relax and set personal goals for the next 2 years. Use the time to answer “Why is consulting a good fit for you?” and explore other industries of interest. Ensure your resume is up-to-date and reflects your accomplishments. Complete BCA before Fall 1 begins – you won’t want to deal with it in the Fall!


7. When should I start case prep?

We do not recommend beginning case interview preparation over the summer, as it often leads to burn-out and bad habits. The DMCC Roadmap series which begins in September is designed to teach all skills needed for case interview success.


8. Completing BCA and resting isn’t enough for me. What else can I do over the summer?

Keep up with business news by reading the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, The Morning Brew, and listening to business podcasts. Read thought leadership published by consulting firms (can be found on their websites).


9. What are Pre-MBA Diversity Recruiting and Pre-MBA Networking programs?

While each program varies, most offer a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the company and an opportunity to network with current employees. Some programs may include early interview or practice interview opportunities. They are not internship experiences. You can participate in multiple programs if you’d like, as they tend to be shorter than a traditional internship. A list of programs can be found in the Appendix below. Pre-MBA Diversity programs are targeted towards underrepresented groups, while Pre-MBA Networking programs are open to any students.

You can reach out to the CMC, the DMCC, and relevant Fuqua Affinity Groups (AWIB, FuquaPride, BLMBAO, etc.) to connect with SY students* who participated in these programs. However, your best information will come from the firms themselves. If you receive an early interview invitation, please contact the DMCC for interview preparation resources.

*Note that most SY students will be engaged in Summer Internships with limited availability from late May– August. Reach out earlier rather than later!


10. What is the First Year Consulting recruiting timeline at Fuqua?

The general timeline is below:

  • September: Consulting Symposium; Firms will begin Corporate Presentations on campus; Information sessions, coffee chats, and networking opportunities. Consulting Roadmap will begin in late September.
  • October: Firm presentations, networking opportunities, and Roadmap continue. Week-In-Cities opportunity during Fall break.
  • November: Networking events and Roadmap continues; Students holistically prepare for consulting interviews. Mid-November, formal Applications will be open for “Resume Drops”.
  • December: Students receive interview invitations and continue preparing for interviews.
  • January-February: Interviews are conducted and internship invites are extended



All Groups Pre-MBA Programs:

Underrepresented Groups Pre-MBA Programs