How many Fuqua students secure consulting internships for the summer and full-time offers after graduation?

Consulting is one of the most popular recruiting tracks at Fuqua and a large number of consulting firms come to campus each fall. The number of students in consulting internships and full-time positions varies from year to year, but more information about specific employers and industries can be found in the Fuqua employment report, linked here.

How are firms reacting to Covid-19 situation? Though they have committed to recruit for incoming classes, do you expect to see a significant drop in the number of internship opportunities available for the Class of 2023? 

The numbers each firm hires will vary year by year based on their staffing needs (this year included!), but the DMCC perspective is that consulting firms are continuing to seek out MBA talent and that Fuqua continues to be a priority recruiting target for them.

Are firms still going ahead with hiring for internationals?

The DMCC is not aware of any changes in policy regarding international student recruiting at this point in time. However, if there are any changes, our Career Management Center is in close contact with these firms and they will make it very clear which firms are able to recruit international students prior to the recruiting/application process.

What should I be doing now to prepare for consulting recruiting? 

Rest! Seriously, we mean it. You will need all your energy this fall.

I have little if any business experience, do I have a shot at securing a consulting internship?

Yes! Consulting firms recruit candidates of all backgrounds including those that do not have any business experience. Firms value diverse backgrounds!

How does recruiting work?

Consulting recruiting typically kicks off in September with the Symposium and interviews begin in January. In between will be filled with employer events designed for you to get to know the firms better, as well as other events and activities to prepare you for success. During Consulting 101 we will share the timeline and sequence of the recruitment process and how we will support you along the way!

I am interested in HR/social sector/government consulting. Will I have an opportunity to go into one of these functions/industry areas?

Many firms have clients in a variety of industries and have recruiting practices in these functions. We recommend that you research which firms have your practice of interest so that you can form a better target group.

I heard you have to be a “quant jock” to be successful in consulting? I was a liberal arts major. 

Many consultants have a liberal arts background and are not Excel gurus! With that said, comfort with quantitative analysis provides a great deal of confidence to fledgling consultants. In addition to your quantitative courses at Fuqua, the DMCC provides math workshops as a part of Roadmap and shares helpful resources to sharpen your skills.

Is there something that I should do this summer to prepare? 

Many recommend doing two things before your first day of classes: 1. Complete BCA and the career materials the Career Management Center assigns and 2. REST and mentally prepare yourself for a busy Fall! There will be plenty to do once you get here.

Completing BCA and resting is not enough for me. 

Keep up with business news through reading The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, The Financial Times, etc. You can also read some consulting-specific books such as The Heart of Change: Real-Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations and The Trusted Advisor.

When should I start casing? 

You will learn how to case in Roadmap but do not start the process until you go through Roadmap in its entirety. These workshops are designed to lay the foundation for FY case interview preparation. Bad habits can be hard to break!