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First assistant director Katie Cannon (left) with second assistant director Miranda Gershoni (right) on the set of Fair Faults (2019), directed by Robin Wang

Freewater Productions is Duke University’s foremost and only student-run production company, operating under the umbrella of Duke’s student union, the Duke University Union (DUU). Our goal is to be a completely accessible resource for any member of the student body to be involved in incredible content creation. With Freewater, you have the opportunity to direct your own movie, to learn how to operate a camera, or lighting, or sound equipment, to write a really good script, to act in a real production, to edit the finished product, and to be the planner that makes it all happen. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to be on a movie set, we are the place for you! No experience is necessary, nor any kind of desire to work in the film industry someday. We just love to make movies, and we hope that you’ll join us to do something amazing!

Freewater filmmakers have been accepted into renowned film festivals, created music videos for award-winning artists, and had their films screened across campus. We offer workshops on various aspects of the filmmaking process throughout the semester, as well as alumni panels, screenings, and social events. Your level of involvement is entirely up to you, and could range from coming to one day on set or helping edit a project to producing or directing your own film. To see some of the incredible projects produced by Freewater in the past, check out our Past Films page. If you’re curious and want to learn more, feel free to send us an email at, or follow us on social media via the icons below.

We also have weekly production meetings Wednesdays 7-8pm in the DUU office. All are welcome, so feel free to stop by and check us out!