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Course Description

“Nothing before learning geology had ever made me thoroughly realize, though I had read various scientific books, that science consists in grouping facts so that general laws or conclusions may be drawn from them” Charles Darwin


Mount RainierThe Earth has a long and dynamic natural history.  We will examine much of this history and learn how the physical (geology) is interconnected with the organic world (biology).  We will study the major tectonic events responsible for the physical features of the North American continent, and follow life from its fragile beginnings in the oceans to the furry mammalian beasts that inherited the Earth.  On the way we will meet a slew of bizarre creatures including fish with legs, reptiles with furry coats, dinosaurs with wings, and whales with feet.  Through the looking-glass of deep time we will re-examine how our “spaceship” Earth and its occupants might fare with future physical and biological change.

Official Undergraduate Course Bulletin Description:
EOS 204L: The Evolving Earth and Life. NS Evolution of the earth and life through time. Weekend field trip to
Appalachian Mountains. Recommended: Earth and Ocean Sciences 101 or 102. Instructor: Glass. One course.

Times and Location:
Lecture: Monday and Wednesday 10:05pm-11:20pm
Lab Section 01: Thursday 10:05pm-12:05pm
Lab Section 02: Friday 10:05pm-12:05pm
Both Lecture and Lab meet in Grainger Hall 1105

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