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Endpoint Management Meeting – May 19, 2022

By: John Straffin

The recording of the May 19  Endpoint Management Meeting is now available (Duke NetID required):

Also available as video (MP4), audio (M4A), transcript (VTT), and chat (TXT) in the Endpoints Box Share.

Items of note:

  • Patching:
    • Windows Patches out, no known issues or urgent concerns, apply according to the regular schedule (test within 1 week, deploy within 2).
    • A few lesser-known Adobe app and Thunderbird patches… does anyone use TBird anymore?
    • Many outdated Firefox and Chrome installs. Browsers need patches, too!
  • Configuration Manager: Update to v2203 on Thursday, May 26.
  • Jamf Pro updates:
    • Update waiting on MySQL and CentOS Stream 8 upgrades
    • DEP tokens renewal…Don’t wait! Act now! (OIT DE can help if you need.)
    • Tomcat clustering project under discussion.
    • Extension Attribute (and other) cleanup continues.
    • OIT DE has received approval to remove rogue Jamf Pro agent software via BigFix where available
    • Dave Andersen (Apple Rep) demo day?
  • BigFix:
    • Investigating MS SQL server upgrade
    • “Updates for Win Apps Extended” site: 100+ apps, updated weekly. Criteria is app must be publicly downloadable and silently installable.
  • EOL OS update…
  • Microsoft Teams on Windows is…different.
  • Other discussion…