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Jamf Pro Extension Attribute list available for review

By: John Straffin

As part of the Endpoint Management Cleanup project, OIT Device Engineering has published the list of Jamf Pro Extension Attributes for review:

As of March 2022, this is the COMPLETE list of Jamf Pro Extension Attributes along with the action we plan to take on them in the very near future (keep or delete). 70 of the 106 Extension Attributes are slated for deletion! Please examine this list THOROUGHLY and note any Smart Group Criteria, Advanced Search Criteria, or Advanced Search Displays for which you are responsible that are using Extension Attributes slated for deletion, making changes where necessary and deletions where possible.

Please use the comments at the end of the document to ask questions or make suggestions. None of the “delete” actions are set in stone (unless it’s already been deleted, of course), so please let us know of any concerns. Those that appear to be completely unused will be the first to go, while those that are heavily used or need a Patch Management replacement will be the last.

Also, please take this opportunity to examine the Smart Groups and Advanced Searches in your Site and delete those that are no longer necessary, whether or not they use Extension Attributes slated for deletion. Thank you!