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Endpoint Management Meeting – May 20, 2021

By: John Straffin

The recording of the May 20 Endpoint Management Meeting is now available.

Items of note:

  • There’s a critical wormable exploit for Windows 10 and Windows Server computers running IIS. Please patch affected machines immediately!
  • Latest version of ConfigMgr (2103) requires HTTPS to be enforced instead of just an option. We’ve installed this version in test and will deploy it to production after more testing.
  • The latest version of Jamf Pro (10.29) causes problems with a required feature (SCEP), so we’ll be holding off on upgrading until that aspect is fixed.
  • Many macOS computers are stuck on an old version of CrowdStrike due to CrowdStrike’s “Falcon” and “Agent” apps not being granted Full Disk Access. We’ll be sending out tickets to help folks identify devices with this problem.
  • The Duke CrowdStrike Falcon Status for Windows tray app is available to be deployed via BigFix.
  • Please use the BigFix “Set CrowdStrike Sensor Tags” Task to add a few computers in your area(s) to the “CANARY” test group? Thanks!
  • Reminder: CrowdStrike is required on all Duke University-owned computers, including servers. The ITSO will soon begin quarantining devices that do not have CrowdStrike installed.
  • Zoom on Windows requires the user to be able to update the software, either via being an Administrator on the computer or by enabling Auto-update in the client.
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