Recent Publications

Selected from >100 publications 

Park HW, Ma Z, Zhu H, Jiang S, Robinson RC & Endow SA 2017 Structural basis of small molecule ATPase inhibition of a human mitotic kinesin motor protein. Sci Rep 7, 15121 PMCID:PMC5680195

Do KK, Hoang KL & Endow SA 2014 The kinesin-13 KLP10A motor regulates oocyte spindle length and affects EB1 binding without altering microtubule growth rates. Biol Open 3, 561-570 PMCID:PMC4154291

Kull FG & Endow SA. 2013 Force generation by kinesin and myosin cytoskeletal motor proteins. J Cell Sci 126, 9-19. PMCID: PMC3603507

Liu HL, Hallen MA & Endow SA 2012 Altered nucleotide-microtuble coupling and increased mechanical output by a kinesin mutant.  PLoS One 7(10):e47148. PMCID:PMC3473065

Liang ZY, Hallen MA & Endow SA 2009 Mature Drosophila meiosis I spindles comprise microtubules of mixed polarity. Curr Biol 19, 163-168. PMCID: PMC2701147

Hirose K, Akimaru E, Akiba T, Endow SA & Amos LA 2006 Large conformational changes in a kinesin motor catalyzed by interaction wih microtubules. Molecular Cell 23: 913-923.

Skold HN, Komma DJ & Endow SA 2005 Assembly pathway of the anastral Drosophila oocyte meiosis I spindle. J. Cell Sci. 118, 1745-1755.

Higuchi H, Bronner CE, Park HW & Endow SA 2004 Rapid double 8-nm steps by a kinesin mutant. EMBO J 23, 2993-9.

Yun M, Bronner CE, Park CG, Cha SS, Park HW & Endow SA 2003 Rotation of the stalk/neck and one head in a new crystal structure of the kinesin motor protein, Ncd. EMBO J 22, 5382-9.

Endow SA  & Higuchi H. 2000 A mutant of the motor protein kinesin that moves in both directions on microtubules. Nature 406, 913-6.

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