After graduating with high distinction from a Master in Science in Environmental Engineering, a Bachelor in Science in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor in Science in Environmental Engineering (double major) from Universidad de los Andes (Top Ranked Latin American University – 5th according to THE and QS), I completed several projects aiming to promote the adoption of cleaner fuels in transport and industry throughout Latin America. During this time, I had the opportunity of working in association with institutions such as the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank, where I directed life cycle assessment studies, performed cost-benefit analysis of the integration of new fuels to energy markets, developed risk assessments of exposure to air pollutants and designed mitigation strategies for environmental issues.

I am currently a Digital Education Bass Fellow, a Energy Doctoral Student Fellow and Rodolfo Llinas Scholar at Duke University Graduate School. After presenting the first chapter of my doctoral dissertation, and successfully passing the preliminary exam, I earned a master on route degree and the status of PhD Candidate. These year I am writing the two remaining chapters of my dissertation, exploring the siting of utility-scale photovoltaics and the role of battery storage as an enabling technology to increment the penetration of variable energy resources.

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