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To unite students across disciplines and the university in a collaborative effort to increase awareness and opportunity in health policy through a focus on the four domains of campus engagement, career & professional development, health policy education, and service & advocacy.


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  • Health Policy and Early Childhood Development (Ep. 3) May 11, 2021
    There are a number of factors that affect a child’s development, such as genes and the provision of direct health care services. However, from what we gather so far, it is family, social and community influences that play the greatest role in influencing children’s growth. In our last episode, Dr. Kelly Kelleher talked about efforts […]
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  • Health Policy and Early Childhood Development (Ep. 2) April 28, 2021
    In our last episode on “Health Policy and Early Childhood Development”, we talked in general about the trends and challenges in children’s development and policy. One major trend that we discussed was that although infant mortality rates have decreased over the years, there has been an uptick in neurodevelopmental and mental health disorders among children […]
    Duke SCOHP
  • Health Policy and Early Childhood Development April 12, 2021
    In this episode, we briefly touch on discoveries about the nature of early childhood development, using this as a launchpad to discuss the trends we have seen in children’s health and well-being from a population health perspective. Infant mortality is decreasing, overall, but this fact by no means gives us a good picture of children’s […]
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  • The Future of Personalized Medicine April 7, 2021
    In this episode, we talk about one of the emerging frontiers of healthcare - personalized medicine - with the distinguished Dr. Ralph Snyderman, the father of the field. Find the full transcript here.
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  • The Push for Patient-Centered Care March 29, 2021
    In today’s podcast, we explore the many facets of patient-centered care and its impact on patient outcomes alongside Duke pediatric dermatologist, Dr. Neil Prose. Find the full transcript here.
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  • Greenlight Ready: Helping Small Businesses and Schools Safely Reopen During the Pandemic March 22, 2021
    As the pandemic rages on, schools and businesses have been forced to shut down, leaving thousands unemployed across the country. However, to quell this problem solutions such as Greenlight Ready have emerged which help schools and businesses get back on their feet and safely reopen using a myriad of tools. We give a high-level overview […]
    Duke SCOHP
  • A Health Policy Case Competition March 15, 2021
    In this episode, we discuss the Margolis Health Policy Case Competition, the first of its kind at Duke Find the transcript here.
    Duke SCOHP
  • The ACA: Navigating the World of Health Insurance March 13, 2021
    In this episode, we interview Donna Rasmussen, a certified care ACA Navigator with Legal Aid of North Carolina, about what it’s like to guide North Carolinians through the open enrollment process. Find the transcript here.
    Duke SCOHP
  • COVID-19 and Healthcare Administration March 1, 2021
    We all know how COVID has affected daily life, and media often discusses how it has changed patient interactions in hospitals. But how has COVID affected medical practices on an administrative level? What new policies have been put in place that affects how a clinic or hospital functions? This episode with Sangeeta Vijayagopalan, Duke Primary […]
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  • Black History Month: The Father of Gynecology February 22, 2021
    Historical racism has shaped the field of gynecology but names of enslaved women— like Lucy, Anarcha, and Betsy— who were experimented on are never discussed. We dive into the unethical and inhumane practices of Dr. James Marion Sums, too often known as the “Father of Gynecology,” to instead highlight the brave black women who endured […]
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