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To unite students across disciplines and the university in a collaborative effort to increase awareness and opportunity in health policy through a focus on the four domains of campus engagement, career & professional development, health policy education, and service & advocacy.


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  • COVID-19 and Healthcare Administration March 1, 2021
    We all know how COVID has affected daily life, and media often discusses how it has changed patient interactions in hospitals. But how has COVID affected medical practices on an administrative level? What new policies have been put in place that affects how a clinic or hospital functions? This episode with Sangeeta Vijayagopalan, Duke Primary […]
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  • Black History Month: The Father of Gynecology February 22, 2021
    Historical racism has shaped the field of gynecology but names of enslaved women— like Lucy, Anarcha, and Betsy— who were experimented on are never discussed. We dive into the unethical and inhumane practices of Dr. James Marion Sums, too often known as the “Father of Gynecology,” to instead highlight the brave black women who endured […]
    Duke SCOHP
  • Introduction to AI: An Interview with Dr. Christina Silcox February 15, 2021
    In this episode, we interview Dr. Christina Silcox about the current applications of AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare and its ethical and policy implications for the future. Find the full transcript here.
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  • Introduction to AI: Bias, Transparency and Privacy February 8, 2021
    In our first of a dual-episode series, three members of "The Scope" team discuss the role of AI in medicine and policy. This episode considers the ethical considerations of using AI in a healthcare setting and establishes context for our interview next week.  Find the transcript here.
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  • Environmental Health Policy: An Interview with Dr. Jim Zhang February 1, 2021
    In this episode, we interview Dr. Jim Zhang of Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environmental regarding current environmental health policy and pressing issues in 2021. Find the full transcript here.  Journalists: Riya Mohan, Emily Sandberg Editors: Charlotte Thomas, Josee Li
    Duke SCOHP
  • Senator Murdock: The Future of Health Policy January 25, 2021
    Listen in on our interview with Senator Natalie Murdock, the state representative for the 20th district in North Carolina. Join us in discussing Senator Murdock’s health policy plan, reproductive health, COVID-19 response, and more!  Find the full transcript here. 
    Duke SCOHP
  • Margolis Scholars Panel November 22, 2020
    Come meet the undergraduate and graduate Margolis Scholars, and learn if YOU could be a member the next Margolis Scholars cohort! This panel  talks about research opportunities, funding, job opportunities, favorite experiences and more. The Margolis Scholars program is a prestigious, competitive program for Duke University students that demonstrates a strong interest in and commitment […]
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  • WISER - Health Policy Week October 14, 2020
    Join us as we interview Zach Fowler of WISER international for our first podcast, launched during the first annual Health Policy Week. Recorded: October 7, 2020.
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