Principal Investigator: Guy Potter, PhD,  Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Movement-Oriented Behavioral Activation (MOBA)

The purpose of this research study is to determine the acceptability, feasibility, and effectiveness of a group-based behavioral activation intervention to increase everyday movement and reduce the amount of time spent daily in positions of prolonged standing and sitting. This intervention is called Movement-Oriented Behavioral Activation (MOBA). Participants will undergo a 60-minute screening that includes health and lifestyle questionnaires, mobility testing, and a six-minute walk. Participants will complete the same procedures after completing the MOBA intervention. Each participant will be randomly assigned to an intervention group or a wait-list group. Both groups will participate in the same 10-week MOBA group protocol, but the intervention group participates first. During MOBA sessions, participants will set movement goals to reduce total time spent sitting and standing, and learn exercises and strategies to get more physical activity throughout the day and evening. Total study duration for the intervention group is about 4 months. Total study duration for wait-list group will be about 8 months, with about half of that time spent in the waiting period.