The Duke Roybal Center

Our Theme

Accelerating Translational Behavioral Intervention Research on Aging and Mobility 

Our mission is to catalyze researchers across disciplines to develop and test innovative behavioral interventions to optimize mobility for older adults. These interventions will aim to foster independence and community participation, reduce unplanned health service use, and enhance quality of life. Our center aims are to (1) develop the next generation of scientists committed to programs of translational research using interventions grounded in behavioral or social science principles to improve mobility and promote independent living of older adults; (2) use an experiential learning-based approach to behavioral intervention development and implementation; and, (3) accelerate translation so interventions can be successfully developed, validated, and scaled across NIH Stage Model levels.


Funding Opportunities

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Current Pilots

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Our Commitment to Diversity

The Duke Roybal Center aims to advance behavioral intervention development and implementation to optimize mobility for older adults. Integral to behavioral and social science research are intentional efforts to acknowledge the intersectionality of age with all dimensions of diversity, including but not limited to: sex, race, ethnicity, gender identity, and expression, sexual orientation, disability, health, socioeconomic status, and social class. As a Center, we commit to actively engage underrepresented investigators, study teams, community stakeholders, and study participants to understand these nuances and address health disparities among older adults.