Sunday, March 5th

Gestación (2009)

Director: Esteban Ramirez

91 min. Costa Rica. 2009
Introduced by Bethazaida Férnandez, Duke Romance Studies Department and Filmmaker Esteban Ramírez.
High School students Jessie and Teo were both raised by single mothers in Costa Rica. Jessie comes from a humble background and enjoys a scholarship in a conservative Catholic high school. Teo is the only child of a strict professional mother who enjoys middle class living. They never expected to enter parenthood at such a tender age, and when the couple learns about their pregnancy, strong opinions on both, a wide-range of social issues and their class differences, slowly begin to surface. Jessie and Teo will face the consequences of their actions and of the “doble moral” that is present in many Latin American societies. (Inspired in real events).
Q&A after the screening

Richard White Auditorium. Duke East Campus. 6pm.