We are pleased to welcome you on our website for the DKU Soft Matter Symposium: Model, Simulation and Application of Complex Fluids and Particulate Materials to be held in the period Jan. 26-28, 2024 in Duke Kunshan University, Kunshan, China.


Understanding the motion of a single water molecule, a grain of sand, a firing neuron, or a distant star is but a glimpse into the vast cosmos of knowledge. Yet, the marvel of the scientific journey lies in the collective behavior of how these individual elements interact with each other. The second DKU Soft Matter Symposium aims to explore the interplay of these fundamental building blocks through the lenses of mathematical modeling, analytical and numerical simulations, and experimental investigations to shed light on the complexity of Complex Fluids as well as Particulate Systems.

Key Objectives:

  1. Interdisciplinary Bridge: We invite experts spanning mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials science, and other fields to collectively identify shared principles, numerical methods, and analytical tools here at DKU which values transcending the boundaries of traditional disciplines.
  2. From Fundamentals to Applications: We intend to bridge the gap between theory and practicality, nurturing potential innovations through cross-disciplinary communications.


  • Mathematical Modeling: Explore the mathematical frameworks that underpin our understanding of complex fluids and particulate materials. Delve into the elegance of equations and the power of mathematical modeling.
  • Simulation Methods: Discuss the latest advances in analytical and numerical simulation techniques. Uncover how the development of these methods assists in building the ‘bridge’ between individual building blocks and collective phenomena.
  • Experimental Insights: Share novel experimental approaches and findings, and engage in conversations that bridge the gap between theory and the applications.
  • Real-World Impact: Investigate the practical implications of soft matter research. Trace back from industrial applications to the scientific foundations, seeking pathways for innovation.

Join us in this collective exploration of complex fluids. We hope that the DKU Soft Matter Symposium can serve as a platform to foster exciting possibilities that arise when diverse minds converge.

Confirmed Speakers

Corey O’Hern (Yale University)

Devaraj van der Meer (University of Twente)

Hangjie Ji (North Carolina State University)

Hiroaki Katsuragi (Osaka University)

Ho-Kei Chan (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Hong Qian (University of Washington)

Jidong Zhao (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Jie Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Jun Zhang (New York University)

Kit Windows-Yule (University of Birmingham)

Lei Zhang (Peking University)

Litang Yan (Tsinghua University)

Mark Shattuck (The City College of New York)

Masao Doi (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Massimo Pica Ciamarra (Nanyang Technological University)

Meiying Hou (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Patrick Charbonneau (Duke University)

Peidong Yu (German Aerospace Center; University of Cologne)

Ping Sheng (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Rafi Blumenfeld (Cambridge University)

Ralf Stannarius (Otto von Guericke University)

Raúl Cruz Hidalgo (University of Navarra)

Tiezheng Qian (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Weiqing Ren (National University of Singapore)

Xianmin Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Xinpeng Xu (Guangdong Technion – Institute of Technology)

Yana Di (United International College)

Yuan Gao (Purdue University)

Yuliang Jin 金瑜亮 (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Zhusha Wang (Simon Co.)


Organizing Committee

Jian-Guo Liu, Kai Huang, Shixin Xu, and Tivadar Pongó

Supporting Staff

Qi (Jocky) Zhu, Xin (Lynsey) Li