Full Report

This report was written to summarize results from a multi-year study of Duke students’ social and academic experiences in college, the Duke Social Relationships Project (DSRP).  When we invited students to participate in the study, we indicated that we would provide information about the findings after the study was completed.  We are pleased to do that with this report.


There were 4225 Duke undergraduates from the Class of 2009 through the Class of 2013 who participated in our study and we are very grateful for everyone’s participation.  We know that the survey took people time and serious thought to complete, and we would like to thank each of the students who took time from their busy lives to share their experiences regarding their social and academic lives at Duke.  This report was written to provide information about our findings to students who participated in the study, to current students at Duke (whether or not they participated in the study), and to the broader campus community.  We hope that this report will provide data to inform conversations about students’ social and academic lives at Duke.


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