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Site Credits

Creating the Physical Exhibit

Using these five themes as an organizational structure, Benjamin Filene and Jennifer McRae of McRae Design developed a comprehensive storyline for the exhibit. They worked closely with Leonard Rogoff, historian of the Foundation and author of the Down Home book, and Rebecca Cerese, filmmaker and historical archivist, to craft the exhibit narrative, finalize text, gather imagery and artifacts, and assemble all the pieces that make up the Down Home exhibit. As content was being developed by Filene and Rogoff, Design Dimension, Inc. (DDI) developed the physical and graphic design of the exhibit. DDI’s work included the creation of exhibit components and sequencing their order, developing a visual vocabulary and graphic language for the exhibit, designing casework, interpreting artifacts, and developing interactive opportunities. Warren Gentry & Associates, the firm that produced the Down Home film, created a series of new audio and video pieces that were integrated into the storyline to give the exhibit an added dimension.

– Quote from Design Dimensions Inc.

Website Creation and Design

Jamie Brummitt



Website Curator and Design

Serena Elliott