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Open and Learn


Study of Torah is at the heart of the Jewish experience. The rabbis elevated it to its exalted place in Judaism when they wrote that it is one of the three pillars upon which the world is sustained along with worship and the performance of good deeds (Aboth 1:2; learn more about Aboth at: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/pirkei_avot.html).

Traditional Hebrew school along with Sunday school were the traditional route for Jews to prepare for Bar and Bat Mitzvah (the ritual that signifies a Jewish child’s coming of age). Today, many communities have Hebrew Day Schools as an attractive alternative.

In the videos to your right, hear more about the importance of education for these five North Carolina Jews. Video excerpts include The Gordon Brothers, Joan Samet, Harry Kittner, Sandra Levine