The goal of this conference is to bring young mathematicians together, both as speakers and as participants. The talks will cover an array of subject areas that are well-represented in the Duke Journal. There will be nine talks by young mathematicians. These speakers are:

  • Emmanuel Breuillard (Cambridge, UK)
  • Ivan Corwin (Columbia)
  • Alessio Figalli (Zurich)
  • Melanie Matchett Wood (Wisconsin)
  • John Pardon (Princeton)
  • Giulia Saccà (MIT)
  • Lu Wang (Wisconsin)
  • Alex Wright (Stanford)
  • Zhiwei Yun (Yale)

There will be 3 additional talks to celebrate Jonathan Wahl’s 21 years as managing editor of the journal:

  • Arnaud Beauville (Nice)
  • Eduard Looijenga (Utrecht and Beijing)
  • Walter Neumann (Columbia)

Organizing Committee:

  • Robert Bryant (Duke)
  • Richard Hain (Duke)
  • Lenhard Ng (Duke)
  • Colleen Robles (Duke)
  • Jonathan Wahl (Managing Editor DMJ, UNC Chapel Hill)


All those planning to attend should register. There are limited funds to offset travel and hotel expenses for some participants who are not invited speakers. Priority will be given to early career participants and members of under-represented groups.


All those planning to attend should register (registration link)