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Download DALP I Codebook
Download DALP I Data

Note: DALP II data collection is currently underway and DALP II will be made available here when data collection process is finished.

Information on funding of the DALP I Survey

Collection of the data on citizen-politician linkages and accountability relations was funded by three sources.

First, Duke University supported the design of the project, the data collection and the data analysis through the principal investigator Herbert Kitschelt’s research funds. A substantial group of graduate students in comparative politics at Duke University contributed to the design of the project and was paid to assist in the data collection phase (support since summer of 2005). All operational tasks in the process of data collection outside a core set of Latin America were handled through Duke University. Duke University assumed the responsibility for implementing this project.

Second, the Chilean Comisión Nacional de Investigación Cientifica y Tecnológica de Chile funded a project directed by Professors David Altman and Juan Pablo Luna of the Political Science Institute at the Catholic University of Chile to implement this expert survey, plus a set of further questions, across a number of Latin American countries.

Third, the World Bank, through a grant extended to its Development Research Group, led by Phillip Keefer, joined this effort and supported the expert survey for this project with a data collection grant.