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Crestron Visits Duke

By: Richard Mitchell

Late last month, Crestron visited Duke’s Technology Engagement Center (TEC) to offer a post InfoComm recap of their new offerings. Unlike years past, Crestron didn’t introduce as many new items at InfoComm 2019, but rather highlighted their transition to a more platform focused company. Specifically, Crestron is slowly transitioning away from the more traditional top down approach to hardware and software offerings (walled garden), where they would entangle their hardware and software solutions. Their new model seems to focus on working with partners, when appropriate, to leverage the best solution for the install.

Key Takeaways:

  • Partnering: Crestron is embracing more open standards. If you want a scheduling panel to communicate directly with Google Calendar, Outlook, etc. you can do that without the pain point of spinning up a Fusion server. But, if you already have Fusion, it’s still available.
  • Programming: While SIMPL programming isn’t going anywhere, Crestron is bolstering their professional programming environment (SIMPL#Pro) and their “no programming” environment .AV Framework with the hope that many users will embrace one of the platforms.
  • XiO Cloud: Crestron continues to expand the footprint of XiO Cloud, but it doesn’t yet cover the most common hardware we are installing in our classrooms, but it’s coming.

It’s always nice to see what Crestron has to offer and the presentation provided an insight into what’s to come.

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