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Add a Photobooth to Your Next Event

By: Teresa Jennings

Are you interested in deploying a photobooth at your next event? Yes? Well, you don’t need a professional studio or fancy equipment to get started. First, you’ll need a few items. But, before rushing out to buy these, I’d recommend checking with your AV and/or marketing department to see if this is something you could borrow. You’ll need a folding green screen, two stand lights to light the green screen, a light source to light the people, a laptop or webcam, photobooth software, and the all-important graffer tape! Also, if it’s your first go at running a photo booth, you’ll need some time to test the system before the big event.

In our setup, we taped the green screen to a whiteboard, a USB chat light was taped to a clip on the laptop to light the people, and a table and podium to achieve the correct angle for the photos. Was it perfect? Nope, but it was an easy setup, people enjoyed the photos, and we have some fun memories of the event to help promote the next event.


  • Makes your event more interactive
  • Can be fun or as serious as you like
  • Keepsake from the event
  • Free marketing for your next event


  • You need a green, screen or fabric
  • Lighting the screen and the people are key
  • We used SparkBooth software, which isn’t free, but not too expensive



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