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This Isn’t Your Grandma’s JPEG, or Your Grandma’s Internet

By: Todd Stabley

Thanks to Libby Evans for finding this excellent article coming fresh out of NAB this year that highlights a couple of the infrastructure changes that are likely to help power the coming revolutions in AR/VR

  1. A new standard from the Joint Photographic Experts Group who brought us the ubiquitous JPEG standard, called JPEG XS, which offers “visually lossless quality” and compression ratios up to 6:1.¬†JPEG XS will support up to 8k video and frame rates between 24 and 120fps.
  2. New 5G networks, which recent tests have show could offer as high as 442Mbps data rates. This huge advance could help pave the way for the exponential increases new technologies like AR and VR and likely to require.

Group Behind JPEG Unveils New ‘visually lossless’ Compression Standard for VR/AR and More

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