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Mister Horse and Animation Composer in After Effects

By: Devon Henry

I came across Mister Horse while looking for plugins and trials to test out, and it comes with a variety of transitions, backgrounds lower thirds, animated illustrations and titles. While the features aren’t really groundbreaking, they do offer a way to do things much faster and in a less complicated setting that relies less on key framing, while still having the flexibility of After Effects. Mister Horse’s Animation Composer uses a straightforward way of adding and manipulating effects, making the media that the plugin offers very customizable.

The free-ish version comes with a couple of presets, while the rest can be bought in fairly low-cost bundles or individually from

As an example to show how the composer works, they have a few videos on their site explaining easy transitions and other effects:


Meanwhile, I played around in it a bit myself and just used the basics of what they offered to play around and get a feel for it. It’s pretty fun and obviously much faster than creating things from scratch, so I think it’s worth a look, at least.

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