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Screen Record AND Present From Your iOS Device

By: Stephen Toback

I just purchased the new iOS Mini Synth app from Electro-Harmonix (because that’s what I do at 7AM on Saturday Mornings) and I wanted a way to share my brilliance with the world.

I realized I’ve never really found a way to record audio and video from my iPhone. Did some Googling and came up with this article that kinda blew my mind.

Apparently with iOS 8 and Yosemite, you can connect you can connect your iOS device to your Mac via a lightning cable and then record audio and video of your screen with the already resident QuickTime X application. It is super easy and free.

Then it dawned on me, that if you are in a classroom without an Apple TV and you want to share your iOS device, you can just connect your Mac to the projector, connect your iOS device to your Mac, get QuickTime X ready to record, but then just don’t hit record, use it to present. This would be a way for you to record your iOS device to Panopto!

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