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Ink2Go – Multi-page White (or Black) Board

By: Stephen Toback

We had a request from a faculty member to be able to use a multiple page white board and be able to switch back and forth in real time between pages as he is screen recording. I was hoping Sketchbook Pro would fit the bill but unfortunately it doesn’t support multiple pages which is strange since it is called “SketchBOOK”. After some ninja googling, I found Ink2Go.

The $19.99 app (available from the App Store) fits the bill perfectly. You can use a white (or black) board, create multiple pages and go back and forth. It has many other features (that I haven’t had time to test yet) including the ability to record screen and video (similar to Camtasia).  I don’t think it has the editing features of Camtasia but worth a look in the future.

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