Visit To The Art Institute Durham

Several staff from OIT’s Academic and Media Technologies team visited our neighbors down the hall at the American Tobacco Campus this week. The Art Institute of Durham’s culinary students have provided wonderful catering services for several OIT functions in the past, so this visit was to explore the other  programs at the Institute to see if there were some other commonalities.

The expansive facility of classrooms, labs and studios is quite impressive. I’ll focus on the digital media aspects of their program but the tour of the kitchen classrooms and other labs and classrooms was also very interesting.


Their studio space offers floor to ceiling chroma key and two JVC HDPRO cameras with teleprompter. Their video production course has only recently begun so they expect the studio to see more use in the coming weeks. They are willing to entertain requests for rental of the studio so if you are interested, please contact


The adjacent control room has a compact switching/mixing center as well as a whisper room for VO work.


I was really impressed with their equipment loan service which was stocked to the brim with top notch equipment all available for checkout by the students.

We’re hoping as their video program matures we may be able to find opportunities for internships and or hiring students as they are trained.

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