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Duke Has a YouTube-like Video Publishing Tool!

By: Todd Stabley

Some of you have been following OIT’s three year search for a replacement for our antiquated DukeStream servers. We searched diligently for something super easy to use and that would integrate seamlessly with our identity management systems so that users can secure videos based on Duke NetIDs and groups. Finally, after spinning our tires with the 500 pound gorillas in the industry, we found three Durham-area developers (developers of Voicethread) who basically built the system, called Warpwire, from the ground up to our specs. We first told them about our need for this type of tool on January 8, 2014. In just a few weeks they gave us an early demo of the system’s core security features, and on January 8, 2015, we went live in production. Only one year! Multiple teams within OIT collaborated with the Warpwire developers to make this happen, and we’re really thrilled to be able to introduce this tool to the Duke community.


Anyone with a valid Duke NetID can log in to Warpwire and start using it (go to and click the yellow button that says “Log In.”)

A few highlights to mention:

  • Warpwire is easy to use.
  • Warpwire’s asset level security means that it will honor viewing permissions no matter where or how you choose to publish your media.
  • Warpwire supports photos/ images in addition to video. (Audio only files are coming in a later release.)
  • Warpwire’s interface is designed to function (and scale gracefully) across mobile and desktop browsers. You can upload videos and photos right from your iOS device to Warpwire.
  • You can also record videos right into Warpwire on your iOS device.
  • Warpwire is fully integrated with Duke’s production Sakai instance through a custom LTI integration.
  • There is not an option yet to share with All Duke NetID Holders (as one unit) or to make videos public, but those features will be announced soon.
  • Did I mention Warpwire is easy to use?

There is documentation to help users get started (as well as other information about streaming at Duke, including Wowza Media Server for live streaming) at

Please note that Warpwire cannot be used to distribute or store any media that requires HIPAA or FERPA compliance.

Please feel free to kick the tires, let us know what you think, and help us spread this exciting news!

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