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IBM FileNet Demo

By: Todd Stabley

OIT has been working with Duke Libraries recently to investigate media asset management systems for Duke. As part of this collaboration, Steve and I participated in a demo, organized by John Pormann of Duke Libraries, at IBM’s headquarters in RTP. The application we looked at is called FileNet P8. It started out as a pure content management system rooted in office applications but developers are in the process of adding extensive support for video and have been doing interesting research related to audio mining and multimedia analysis that are close to being productized.  The audio mining (speech to text) capabilities are used to facilitate search and retrieval for large collections of video, and the multimedia analysis (IBM Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval System–IMARS) involves categorization of videos based on their visual components–i.e., elements such as colors, edges, shapes, faces and places.  Additionally there are social capabilities being built into this tool, which overlap with some of the functionality we are seeing in tools like WebEx Social (Concourse).



I wrote a summary of our meeting and would encourage any of you interested in media asset management to read it and to reach out to us so that we can be aware of your projects as we continue to look into FileNet and other asset management tools.

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