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Run OS X in VMware 6

By: Chip Bobbert II

I just installed VMware Fusion 6 and found this great little feature that lets you easily install OS X as a virtual machine.  For those wondering why I would want to run Apple’s OS on a machine already running Apple’s OS, the answer is “testing”!  Working in IT I am always testing new programs and hacking at my OS.  With our 3D printing program alone I’ve installed 54 pieces of software.  For years I would always keep a spare Mac around just to try thing out before doing something that might require the inconvenience of re-imaging my every-day-work machine. No longer, I can use VM’s as a great desktop sandbox and testing environment without the expense or hassle of maintaining another piece of hardware.

You have been able to install OS X on past versions of VMware Fusion but it was a bit inconvenient.  The Fusion 6 makes it point-and-click-easy, you don’t even need to have an installation image or serial number if your using Mavericks.  If you try this out, make sure you take advantage of VMware’s snapshot feature.  This lets you save and restore a VM so you can unwind any changes.

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  1. My question is does anyone know if Apple has lifted their licensing restriction on running the server product as a VM? I refuse to go production system on iron these days even though the OSX server product has some intriguing features.

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