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Here VGo!

By: Stephen Toback


VGo has returned home to OIT. Although we tested the unit a few years ago, we now have an need to connect an OIT Staffer that will be offsite for a while.

VGo seems like a great fit to allow this person participate in meetings regardless of the conferencing capabilities of that room – including sitting behind their own desk!

There are some challenges to the VGo in that it is proprietary so can’t participate in WebEx or normal video conferences and is only standard definition, but it performs well on wifi and is extremely small and moves around well. You can control if from a Mac, PC or even an iPad.

We’ll also be looking at a new offering from the iRobot folks (Roomba, etc) that features a standards based Cisco EX60 personal TeleConferencing system. Look for an update on the Ava system soon!

IMG_5405Vgo Control

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